Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Psyché Funk French Movie SOUND TRACKS

Not to be missed, this new post filled up with 20 of the grooviest, pop-psych-funky tracks put out by French movie Score composers.

Keep you ears open for the opening track from Jean Pierre Mirouze - whom we know very little about except an exceptional gift for hammond organ and string arrangements, in the sexiest, most soulfull blacksploitation style! If you read French, a Technikart blogger wrote an excellent post on this track >>here

Others include a track from the pop masterpiece "L'Homme Orchestre" by François de Roubaix, and his much darker, eerie compositions for "Les Caïds" & "Dernier Domicile Connu"; a breakbeat pop killer from Vladimir Cosma; and some of the most saught after funk OST ever to be scored in France: Michel Legrand's "Un homme est mort" and Pierre Cavalli's "Un soir chez Norris".

A special place for Alain Goraguer and his sample haven "La Planete sauvage". The tagline for the movie when it was release fits the music perfectly: A Sublime Trip to a Fine New World.

Serge Gainsbourg, along with Jean Claude Vannier and Michel Colombier are not forgotten, with his long fogotten themes for "La Horse", "Cannabis" and "Le Pacha". Psych-funk at its greatest.
If you thought you could not make very funky stuff with a Harpsichord, a banjo and violins... then listen carfully to "La Horse".

I also added the Track "Voyages" from M. Polnareff's concept album "Polnareff's", which even though it never was a film soundtrack - just blended in so perfectly well with all the other tracks.

You won't be able to miss Michel Magne's tribute to James Brown, in the very funky "Superchic Génial" -- uber kitch original movie extract with the music can be seen: here.

Finally, two of my very favorites, Philippe Sarde's incredible, eastern chord & bass driven "Juke boxes chez Saidani". A bliss of rythm and groove way ahead of it's time. Then the last track of the 20 - the disco frenzied "Grand Theme Malko" by Michel Magne, with its hypnotic Fender Rhodes lead, that would give both Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea a heart attack.

01. Jean-Pierre Mirouze - Sexopolis (Marriage Collectif, 1969)
02. Serge Gainsgourg & Michel Colombier - Psychasténie (Le Pacha 1968)
03. François De Roubaix - Repetition (L'Homme Orchestre, 1971)
04. Vladimir Cosma - Black Flowers (Ultra Pop - Musique pour l'image, 1970)
05. Francois de Roubaix - Dernier Domicile Connu (1971)
06. Michel Polnareff - Voyages (Polnareff's, 1971)
07. Pierre Cavalli - Un soir chez Norris (1971)
08. Pierre Cavalli - Chasse à l'homme (Un soir chez Norris 1971)
09. Serge Gainsbourg & J.C. Vannier - La Horse (1970)
10. Alain Goraguer - Le bracelet (La Planete Sauvage 1973)
11. Alain Goraguer - Ten et Tiwa (La Planete Sauvage 1973)
12. Michel Legrand - Un homme est mort (1972)
13. Philippe Sarde - Jukes boxes chez Saidani (Max & les Ferrailleurs, 1971)
14. Serge Gainsbourg & J.C. Vannier - Danger (Cannabis 1970)
15. Michel Legrand - Picasso Summer (Summer of 42, 1972)
16. Alain Goraguer - Sur Un Arbre Perché (1972)
17. Michel Magne & Jean Yanne - Superchic genial (Moi Y'en a Vouloir des Sous 1972)
18. Francois de Roubaix - Les Caïds (1972)
19. Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour - Tracking (Aux Frontières du Possible, 1971)
20. Michel Magne - Grand Theme Malko (S.A.S. à San Salvador, 1982)

Enjoy and spread the love around...
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Brasil Jazz Samba Lounge

And for post number 2, I have assembled another set of Brasilian super sweet tracks. These are in a nice, loungy groove, Jazz - Samba - Bossa Style, from 1966 to 1979.

The tracklist is:

01. Ed Lincoln - Cochise, 1966
02. Som Tres - Homenagem a Mongo, 1969
03. Nelsinho e sua Orquestra - Aqui é o Pais do Futebol, 1970
04. Ed Lincoln - Eu Nao Vou Mas, 1966
05. Johnny Alf - Orgulho de Bom Sambista, 1978
06. Antonio Adolfo e a Brazuca - Transamazônica, 1971
07. Antonio Carlos e Jocafi - Morte do Salve, 1971
08. Joao Donato - Cala Boca Menina, 1973
09. Brasil Aquarius e Luis Antonio - Agua de Beber, 1973
10. Sivuca - Ain't no Sunshine, 1974
11. Ana Mazzotti - Agora ou Nunca Mais, 1974
12. Helio Matheus - Briguenta, 1975
13. Antonio Adolfo - Cascavel, 1975
14. Wilson das Neves e Conjunto - Berimbau, 1976
15. Orlandivo - Onde Anda meu Amor, 1977
16. Azymuth - A Presa, 1977
17. Claudia - Rua 33 Numero Particular, 1979
18. Djavan - Nereci, 1978
19. Cesar Mariano e Cia. - Futebol de Bar, 1977
20. Claudia - Salve, Rainha, 1979

Listen with attention and tell me if you loved it!
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