Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prayve's Jazz Funk Fusion

JAZZ FUNK... More Jazz Funk!!! Total grooviness, bouncing funk beats, plus very solid jazz musicianship all the way. That's what you're getting on this one.

Starts off with Herbie Hancock's "Bring Down The Birds" from the 1966 film "The Blowup". You'll immediately recognize the insane bass line from Dee Lite's "Groove is in the Heart"... Then some more from Abba's session guitarist Janne Schaffer. First with the band Svenska Löd Ab! and a very tight session from the album "Hôrselmat", an absolute rarity and collector's Holy Grail - then with the track "Dr. Abraham", from his second solo album.

Roy Porter's track entitled "Panama" with its thumping bass line, hypnotic Fender Rhodes, stellar horn and flute arrangements is a Jazz-funk classic masterpiece. A pure gem that won't stop haunting you.

Quinteplus is another rare jazz collector's favorite. A killer set by funky instrumentalists from Buenos Aires, with wonderful keyboards and sharp drum beats. The track "El Pasito de Nano" is an absolute winner... Marc Moulin's Placebo is next, and needs not be introduced any further. Outstanding funky jazz from Belgium, highly sought-after and sample-packed. "Only Nineteen" is another example of fine keyboard and horn savoir-faire.

You'll also hear some great instrumental jazz funk from Brazil, with Antonio Adolfo, Azymuth and Banda Black Rio, all of which were featured on previous posts on this blog. "Mr Funky Samba" is a timeless piece of Brazilian music. It's whatever you want to call it: samba funk, soul samba, funky samba... heavy electric bass and funky Fender Rhodes with stabbing horn sections and a strong jazz influence.

The great Dennis Coffey is also featured here, with "Scorpio". One of the most sampled track in history with its staggering 2:20 minute open break beat! Doesn't get any funkier than this...

Then come the Frenchies. Jean-Claude Pelletier, with an extract of his album "Streaking". Some of the best groovy funk ever recorded in France. Super heavy and very rare stuff... Then, Les Wanted with "Six, Quatre, Nous". Another PURE jewel, directed by Francois Rolland and Jean-Claude Pierric; "Mister J.", by the legendary Cortex from their second album "Vol.2", for all you Fender Rhodes lovers out there; "Old Timmy" by Schifters, aka. Jacky Giordano & Yan Treger; "Black Sweat" by the cult funk ensemble Chute Libre; "Clavinet Shit" by Ceccarelli, Chantereau, Padovan & Pezin. The name of the song speaks for itself; and finally "So be it" by Airto Fogo. This is basically the Funk DREAM TEAM from France (Cocorico!).

Classics to wrap up. U.S. Classics. The J.B.'s "Blow your head" will definitely fulfill the promise. Powerfull Moog driven madness from Fred Wesley's crew ; and finally the Blackbyrds' theme... Dig that!

Click on the image below to see the album art for all of tracks in this compilation:

Tracklist is:

01. Herbie Hancock - Bring Down The Birds, 1966
02. Svenska Löd Ab! - Va Då Rå - Va E', Reö, 1971
03. Roy Porter - Panama 1, 1975
04. Quinteplus - El Pasito De Nano, 1972
05. Placebo - Only Nineteen, 1973
06. Ray Bryant - Cool Struttin', 1974
07. Antonio Adolfo - Diana e Paulo, 1979
08. Azymuth - A Caça, 1977
09. Banda Black Rio - Mr. Funky Samba, 1977
10. Janne Schaffer - Dr. Abraham, 1974
11. Dennis Coffey - Scoprio, 1971
12. Jean-Claude Pelletier & Orchestra - To Streak With Devil, 1974
13. Les Wanted - Six, Quatre, Nous, 1975
14. Cortex - Mister J., 1977
16. Chutte Libre - Black Sweat, 1977
16. Schifters - Old Timmy, 1974
17. C.C.P.P. (Ceccarelli, Chantereau, Padovan, Pezin) - Clavinet shit, 1975
18. Airto Fogo - So be it, 1976
19. The J.B.'s - Blow Your Head, 1974
20. The Blackbyrds - Blackbyrds' Theme, 1974

Get your jazz funked up right here, right now!