Friday, June 6, 2008

Jazz Funk Break Beats

Finally some more good music on Food4Funk!! I'm back this time with a selection of soulful Jazz and Funk tunes, all rare and extremely groovy with tons of FAT drum breaks, rolling bass lines and crazy Fender Rhodes keyboards solos... The kind of music you unfortunately don't hear on the radio, or when you go out... but that will -- with no doubt -- make you want to turn the sound up, and nod your head to the beat. The kind of music you will -- for sure -- hear if you walk into my apartment :)

Great Jazz Funk, from Cortex and Placebo, which I have already featured on this blog, and who define the European Jazz fusion sound from my standpoint. More Europeans too, with the super talented Janko Nilovic, a film and library music producer from Montenegro, who lived in Paris and produced over 30 albums in the 70s. Also from France: Bernard Estardy, legendary organ player and sound engineer, with a real chaser here called Road Number 9... Francis Lai, the Oscar winning soundtrack producer for "Love Story" and "Un homme et une femme" (A Man and A Woman), with his ultra funky title "Rapt" from the film "L'aventure c'est l'aventure". And finally Airto Fogo, which I hardly know anything about, except that they were recorded in France, and released only there and in Canada. Heavy heavy bass and choppy wah-wah guitars... Starsky & Hutch Style.

There are also a few amazingly good pieces from German musicians... such as Jazz Rock genius bass player Peter Trunk, with the Beautiful: "Fresh air, where?" - Classic Funk track "Executive Party" from the movie "Rollerball" by German-born André Prévin (who has won 4 Oscars for best Musical Score); and the amazing Theme song from the late seventies German TV show "Timm Tahler", one of the finest pieces of cosmic synth music you will probably ever listen to...

Music from other parts of the world as well, as the track "River of Fire", by Melodiya Ensemble from 1974, which is said to be the very first jazz-rock effort in the USSR. The result is simply stunning. Also Rogier Van Otterloo, an orchestral arranger from Holland once called the Dutch Quincy Jones...

You'll aslo find some great American artists that I invite you to discover: The very unique Moondog, and his Lament for Charlie "Bird" Parker, which you've probably already heard as a very notorious sample, Mike Longo (more Starsky & Hutch style action), Ramsey Lewis, Oliver Sain, Jack McDuff, David Matthews and Ike Turner (with the super funky "Thinking Black").

Track list is:

01. Moondog - Lament 1 (Bird's Lament), 1969
02. Ike Turner - Thinking Black, 1969
03. Airto Fogo - Right On Bird, 1976
04. Cortex - La rue, 1974
05. Placebo - Humpty Dumpty, 1971
06. Ramsey Lewis - Tambura, 1974
07. Peter Trunk - Fresh Air, Where?, 1973
08. Melodyia Ensemble - River of Fire, 1974
09. Janko Nilovic - Cross Rolls, 1970's
10. Andre Previn - Executive Party (Rollerball), 1975
11. Jack McDuff - Electric Surf Board, 1976
12. David Mathews - Dune, Part II (Sandworms), 1977
13. Rogier van Otterloo - My Dearest Fluffie, 1976
14. Mike Longo - Like a Thief in the Night, 1974
15. Oliver Sain - London Express, 1975
16. Francis Lai - Rapt (L'aventure c'est l'aventure), 1972
17. Christian Bruhn - Wetten, dass.. (Timm Tahler), 1979
18. Bernard Estardy - Road Number 9, 1970's

Download, relax, play loud and funkify your soul....


Jur said...

Nice songs! Especially London Express.



Peps said...

Je kiffe dès la première chanson "Moondog", t'assures mon p'tit Tom!!!! J'te kiffe

Vinyl Room said...

Nicely put together, highly recommended.


J Thyme...kind said...

The "La Rue" by Cortex is such a nice track.