Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prayve's Modal & Spiritual Jazz

This new compilation blends two of my favorite jazz currents together with a selection of very very heavy tracks, which I hope you will find both enchanting and inspiring.

The melodies on these are soaked with influences from over the world, while retaining a real street credibility, and will undoubtedly pleasure the ear of those least familiar to this type of music and the most regarding jazz enthusiasts equally.

In this day where it has become harder and harder to turn to present music for spirituality, where an artist's achievement is measured by the appeal of his recordings to mainstream audiences and where the standard channels just don't provide the right material to quench my thirst of music; digging into the treasures of the past seems to me like the best way to escape from the surrounding musical boredom and to feed my soul the nutrients it begs for.

The first track you will hear is by Hal Singer, an American sax soloist who settled in Paris during the 1960's. In 1974, assisted by the "crême de la crême" of French Modern Jazz instrumentalists (Jef Gilson, Bernard Lubat, Jacky Samson), he recorded the Album "Soul of Africa". A ground-breaking piece of spiritual jazz, among which the track "Garvey's Strut" with probably one of the coolest bass lines ever laid on wax.

The following is the critically acclaimed oriental jazz piece "Gol-e Gandom", by Dr. Lloyd Miller, who spent years in Eastern countries and playing jazz in Europe. So strong was passion for Persian culture and music, Miller hosted his own prime-time main network jazz show on NIR-TV in Tehran.


Tracklist is:

1. Hal Singer and Jef Gilson - Garvey's Strut, 1974
2. Lloyd Miller - Gol-e Gandom, 1967
3. Alice Coltrane - Blue Nile, 1970
4. The Jef Gilson Nonet - I.A.M., 1966
5. Alain Goraguer - Promenades Au Bois, 1964
6. Edison Machado - So Por Amor, 1963
7. Joki Freund - HL 20, 1963
8. Nathan Davis - The Flute In The Blues, 1965
9. Shamek Farrah - First Impressions, 1974
10. Cliff Jordan - Ouagadougou, 1972
11. Shahib Shihab & The Danish Radio Group - The Crosseyed Cat, 1965
12. Meirelles e Os Copa 5 - Solo, 1965

Download this beautiful collection of rare and spiritualizing music

And please leave a comment if you enjoy it;)


☆bunbun ★dumbboy ★fieldmice ★Lofi303 said...

lovely. I like all your works. THanks for the time that spent making the collection.

Gabriel said...

hey, i love your blog too!!! WONDERFUL collections!!! Thank you very much for sharing this GOLD stuff!!! Bring it on some more funky music... =D

phil said...

enjoyable comp love your cover pic

Aaron said...

your blog is quite possibly one of the best I've ever seen. Fantastic stuff all around. Thank you so much for doing it!!! I have only one question, why are some of the different tracks recorded at 22kHz or rendered as lower quality mp3's? What's the point with the lower resolution, as it's very noticeable???

Michael said...

Great. Thank you so much for uploading these great compilations. You rock.

Luiz Alfredo said...

Where are you brother?!

the jazzstronaut said...

Thanks for this great compilation, I love Jef Gilson. Anyone seen Hal Singer's Paris soul Food posted?

Dontsendimdaahn said...

Right on brother! Nice share

Ian said...

love the blog as you are the master in this genre frenchman. however, you should consider wordpress next time you set up a blog as it kicks the shit out of anything right now.

all ears said...

woaaa! your selection is indeed fantastic.. it sure helped me overcome a huge musical crisis.... all i needed was indeed a recovery of old , unique, extraordinary masterpieces!! 10xxx

JAX said...

this blog is outstanding; thank you for sharing your music! i'm blown away!

rm said...

Thank you very much!

kimberly said...

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Papa Zareb said...

Amazing Blog!! any chance of reuploading some of the older links that have expired? thanks for your work!! BRAVO!!

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GregP said...

Excellent collection. On hearing this I immediately looked for and found a copy of Hal Singer's lp SOUL OF AFRICA, and that is great stuff - superb bass work by Jacky Samson in particular. Thanks so much, Prayve, for opening my mind up to so many great recordings and musicians.