Friday, February 8, 2008

O som do Samba Rock

Today's post will be another selection of Brazilian music, and will bring to you the best of the influential style called Samba Rock.

It was Jorge Ben who first started blending the sounds of Samba, Soul and Funk in the late sixties. Soon to be imitated by many other artists from Brazil and around the world. Most famously, Trio Mocoto, who were his backing band between 1969 and 1971 and recorded 3 of his best albums with him (Jorge Ben 1969, Forca Bruta & Negro e Lindo).

In this selection you will here other famous Brazilian acts from the same period: Antonio Carlo e Jocafi, Bebeto, Abilio Manuel, and Mutreteiros Grilados. Even French pop Singer France Gall (Hé ouais! France Gall) recorded a samba flavoured track in 1970 with Cesar Camargo Mariano, one of the most renowned instrumental artists to come out of Brazil. Others artists featured on this one include Samba legend Jaïr Rodrigues, samba ensembles "Os Originais do Samba", "Samba 6", "Orquestra e Côro", and samba rock songs from famous Tropicalia artists Novos Baianos and Maria Bethania.

Some Brazilian rock bands, that made it big in the 60's with during Jovem Guarda movement by performing "Twist" also gave a shot at Samba Rock. The Golden Boys and Os Incriveis are good examples.

All these songs share a typical Samba feel, given by the traditional instruments used in Samba: Violao (guitar), Cuica, Tamborim & Ganza. Most of these are incredible party songs, that will fill a dancefloor anytime - trust me.

Track list is:
01. Os Incriveis - Venderdor de Bananas, 1969
02. Golden Boys - Se voce quiser mas sem bronquear, 1970
03. France Gall & Cesar Mariano - Zozoi, 1970
04. Jorge Ben - O Telefone Tocou Novamente, 1970
05. Abilio Manuel - Luiza Manequim, 1971
06. Maria Bethania e Jorge Ben - Mano Caetano, 1971
07. Antonio Carlos e Jocafi - Morte do Amor, 1971
08. Trio Mocoto - Coqueiro Verde, 1971
09. Os Originais Do Samba - Tenha Fé Pois Amanha Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer, 1971
10. Samba 6 - Boca fechada não entra mosca, 1972
11. Novos Baianos - Brasil pandeiro, 1972
12. Orquestra e Côro - Kriola, 1973
13. Trio Mocoto - Vem Cá, 1973
14. Mutreteiros Grilados - Vamos Sacudir, 1974
15. Brasilian Singers - Dingui Li Bangue, 1974
16. Grupo Arembepe - Iaia, 1974
17. Bebeto - Pensar pra que, 1975
18. Brasilian Singers - Camisa 10, 1974
19. Jaïr Rodrigues - Alegria de Vocês, 1975
20. Mutreteiros Grilados - Depois de 2001, 1976

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