Monday, February 4, 2008

Sounds of the Afro Funky Beat

For the 5th post I bring to you on Food4Funk, I'll be focusing, to the request of my good friend ABDB, and for everybody else's pleasure, on the exciting and energetic sound of Afro Beat.

Of course, Afro Beat was crafted, characterized and immortalized, mostly by the works of one single person - Fela Kuti. The charismatic, multi-instrumentalist and politically involved band leader, created the term itself and used his music as a weapon to trigger massive social changes during the 70's, amidst the fierce political & military dictature the African continent was facing as it struggled to recover from its colonial past.

Blending traditional African music with North-American Jazz, Funk and Big Band, Afro Beat emerged from Lagos in Nigeria in the early 60s, and quickly spread throughout Africa with countries like Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, Ethiopia and South Africa widely embracing this new current.

In this selection, you will find some of the most defining names in Afrobeat (Fela Kuti, Orlando Julius) and also discover lesser known artists form different regions in Africa. Of course, I couldn't resist throwing in a few afro jazz and hard funk, that only reflect some afrobeat sonorities (Pacific Express, Brigth Engelberts), but I'm sure no one will mind...

The tracklist is:
01. Orlando Julius - Alo mi alo, 1970 - Nigeria
02. Manu Dibango - New Bell, 1972 - Cameroon
03. The Funkees - Dancing Time, Early 70's - Nigeria
04. Sahara All Stars Band - Enjoy Yourself, Nigeria
05. Sweet Talks - Eyi Su Ngaangaa, 1976 - Ghana
06. George Danquah - Just a Moment - ??
07. Wganda Kenya - Shakalaode, ?? - Kenya
08. Moussa Doumbia - Keleya, 1970 - Ivory Coast
09. Wali & the Afro Caravan - Hail the King, 1970 - Texas, USA
10. Segun Okeji - I like woman, 1978 - Nigeria
11. Buari - Karam bani, 1975 - Ghana
12. Ebo Taylor - Heaven, 1977 - Ghana
13. Tunde Williams & Africa 70 - Mr. Big Mouth,1975 - Nigeria
14. Pacific Express - The Way It Used to Be, 1978 - South Africa
15. Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Africa 70 - Zombie, 1977 - Nigeria
16. William Onyeabor - Better Change Your Mind, 1978 - Nigeria
17. Peter King - Mystery Tour, 1976 - Nigeria
18. Brigth Engelberts & The B.E. Movement - Get Together, ??

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Alexandre H. said...

Hi Mr. Laprayve,

I have been listening to the songs downloaded from your posts non-stop and noticed a problem on the track number 10 of this post, by Segun Okeji - I like woman, 1978 - Nigeria, after minute 15 or so, the turntable needle got trapped and keeps repeating the same segment forever! Would it be possible to fix this at all? I hope I am not asking too much, but this music is too good to let it spoil...
Thanks for the good music!

Roddus said...

Excellent! I just dig this Afrofunk stuff soooo much since discovering Fela and also the mighty Voodoo funk Blog last year. I recognise some of the artists in this playlist, but not sure if I am familiar with their songs you have posted and so am looking forward to checking this playlist out soon. The Fela Kuti track Zombie is one of the greatest peices ever committed to vinyl. I also have an afrofunk playlist posted on my blog worth checking out for more of this awesome music.

Also just discovered this awesome looking artifact which i am in the process of downloading now.

Finally your blog has some brilliant looking playlists and i look forward to checking some more of it out.